Posted On July 14, 2001

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Remember that “Who let the dogs out?” flash animation thing that I didn’t make?
Well, I put one link to it in my journal, and in 1 month and one day, it got 1950 hits.
That’s interesting.


5 Responses to “”

  1. tats

    yay for the cool userpic!


      I don’t like to use it because it seems like more people go t when I do. But when people go there, my net connection dies. And I’m too lazy to change it to or something.
      Actually, maybe I’ll do that right now.

      • tats

        i do like that pic, you look all pissed off and it is very attractive.

      • tats

        i think it’s the whole “furrowed brow” thing and the way your lips are slightly pursed.

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