Commercy – Strasbourg

Posted On July 13, 2001

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The up side is, not only will the sun come up tomorrow (actually today), but it will also be stage 6 of Le Tour de France!
I’m pretty confident in saying that unless Lance Armstrong puts in a big charge, which I think he might do since he’s now almost 2 minutes behind, Stuart O’grady will keep the yellow jersey. Him, and 2 of his teammates are almost 1 minute ahead of 4th place. In looking at the standings, I think that one of the O.N.C.E. guys has a decent chance at taking the lead, since they’re 6 of the 7 guys that make up 4th through 10th.
It should be interesting.
The best part should be at Col du Donon. After riding 153 KM, they have a 4.0 km climb at a 7.9 % grade! It makes my legs burn just thinking about it!


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