Posted On July 12, 2001

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Since Andrejko is gone today, and most of tomorrow, Raul and I are pretty much just looking at bikes on the net today. I really like the Surly site. I just wish they had a picture of the Steamroller as a complete bike.
I’m really thinking about buying the Surly Steamroller. It’s like a track bike, but with brakes, and you can get it with a freewheel, or fixed gearing. It’s a single speed.
It pretty much defeats the purpose of me getting a road bike, but I still think it’s pretty dope.
Wendy, Zoe, and Alexa went to the keys for tonight and part of tomorrow. Wendy turns 30 tomorrow.
Alexa goes home to Germany on Sunday. I told her good bye yesterday after work, and I told her I’d see her when I go to Germany at Christmas time. She seemed pleased with that.


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