Posted On July 10, 2001

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…AND… what is this? A new community member? Very interesting. The down side…? 1974 and 1984 don’t usually mix too well.
And where is Zoe? Doesn’t her mother know that I need my fix? I haven’t seen her in 3 weeks, and she’s been back in town for 3 days now. There is no excuse for this!


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  1. raviolios

    it’s been my experience that 1974 doesnt mix well with any year. sucks to be us.


      I think it’s something like serving expensive fine wine (1974) at a picnic (everyone else). It just doesn’t seem right. The exquisite craftsmanship put into a fine wine (or a person born in 1974) kinda clashes with the fuckedness of everything else.

      • raviolios

        i’m giggling quietly in cube so boss doesnt hear.

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