Today’s argument…

Posted On July 6, 2001

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Me: This dude’s an idiot because he killed himself with a heroin overdose.
Andrejko: Why is he an idiot?
Me: Because he killed himself with a heroin overdose.
Andrejko: A lot of intelligent people do heroin.
Me: In my book, you’re a dumbass if you overdose on heroin.
Andrejko: I had a friend die from heroin, and he was very intelligent, and successful.
Me: And you don’t think he’s a dumbass for killing himself with heroin?
Andrejko: Well, it’s not like he set out to kill himself with it.
Me: If he didn’t have the sense to not do something like that, that might not be the right thing, then he’s a dumbass.
(there was a lot more said after that)


6 Responses to “Today’s argument…”

  1. ebound

    I have a friend who did heroin. She was my age (15), and it put her in the hospital. After that, she stopped. All she does now is smoke (regular cigarettes). he was smart enough to know that she had a problem, and she stopped.

  2. tats

    IMHO anyone who does that crap to their body is a dumbass, regardless of the outcome.


      Well, me too. But I’m not about to call every drug user a dumbass; but I will the dead ones.

      • tats

        I think that if you die from a self induced drug overdose, you deserve it.

      • FANLESS

        I agree.

  3. velocity

    I agree.

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