Posted On July 5, 2001

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I forgot to mention my reason for even bringing it up.
Several times a year I think about why I have Why am I dumping $150+ into something that doesn’t really do anything for me? As much as it may seem like it is, is IS NOT for attention. It’s not to show off, and say “Look at my 4 bikes and how elite they make me!” or “Look at how bad ass I am because I live 3 blocks from South Beach!”. I mean, the people that would even be able to comprehend what these things mean to ME, already know them. They know that it means a lot to have the things I have. They already know what it means to me to work at Lazerland, and live here. They know it because they’ve seen where I came from.
I often wonder why I type the things I type here. For a while I was starting to totally lose my focus for having this “LiveJournal”. That’s part of the reason why I got rid of my “friends”.
I mainly type dumbass stuff here for reference. I would like to be able to see who I thought would win Le Tour de France last year. I would like to be able to look up when the last time I got my hair cut was. And all of those things are here, but it takes a lot longer to find the things I want to find when I’m going on about things that have no reference to me. (there are 254 people in the self_injury community)
Anyway, I need to do something so that I will stop doing that.
(I have no idea what I just said.)


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