Posted On July 2, 2001

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I can’t believe that girl ate those fucking worms!!
Brother man won’t be able to do it.
Damn, I was wrong. They all 3 ate the worms!


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  1. ex_mandee963

    i’m assuming your talking about that show they were all going for $50,000?
    i know a guy that ate 5. live. worms. volenterialy. yuck!

    • acadiabaird

      oh my god, they did it for $50,000?
      the bug eating contest I go to, they bid it down until the other person is eating it for nothing!
      african hissing cockroaches ALIVE no less

      • ex_mandee963

        blah! yeah..this guy that i know ate the five live worms for free!!

      • dethbunny

        …and it *wasn’t me*!
        Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.

      • ex_mandee963

        yes, *very* impressive… ;P

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