Posted On June 29, 2001

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I am a little disappointed in myself, because I really wanted to go to Lynda Weinman’s seminar, but I forgot all about it, and it was this past Monday.
And did you know that Lynda Weinman actually gave me some design help over the phone for free? Way back in 1997, I had some issues with a site that was being hosted by webmonster, which was being run by Bill and Lynda Weinman. (and others) I didn’t know them from Han Solo… I was just calling to get my log in issues fixed. Anyways, I was talking to Lynda, and I mentioned something about web design, and we ended up having a long conversation and in the end she said I could call her if I ever needed any help, and that she liked my views. I think I called back 3 or 4 more times. Like I said, at the time I had no idea who she was, and I don’t think she was as “famous” as she is now. I mean, now I have to pay $300 to get advice/help from her.
And… Did you know that Joe Maller gave me a crash course in Quark, Photoshop, and Fetch over the phone? This was back in 1997 too, and to me he was just some Mac user that I knew through Ethan. I later found out that he’s some elite design dude, and I have seen some of his articles in MacWorld, or MacAddict or something. I hope to catch up with him in NYC sometime this summer, and hang.
So, that’s what makes me special.


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  1. gravilim

    I gave Lynda Weinman a ride to the airport in San Jose after she gave a talk and a book signing at the Computer Literacy (better known as Fatbrain {*}) in 1996.
    Hee. I am old skool.

  2. Anonymous

    heavy metal.
    dear FANLESS is Ethan still alive? or, what in the ass? and yeah i think it’s stupidly irritating of me to ask you how someone else is doing, but i decided to do it anyway. because you know why?
    i dunno.


      Re: heavy metal.
      I haven’t talked to him in a while… Like, several months. But he is living in New York, and I’ve heard that he is the art director for some magazine.
      Supposedly he’s too elite busy to have lunch with his friends when they are in town.
      And you decided to ask because a) you already know how I am (kinda), b) you knew I would be happy to tell you everything I know about him. and c) it’s only “stupidly irritating” in your own brain.

  3. velocity

    I met Robin Williams (not the actor, the author) and Guy Kawasaki. Guy by the way, is major prick in real life. Well, my list isn’t as cool as yours, so I guess you beat me. Are you going to MacWorld in NY?


      Yes, I’ll be at MacWorld.
      I can’t answer that yet. It’s a secret.

      • velocity

        You’re not making one of those special Keynote speaker appearences again, are you? I read on MacOSRumors that you were going to be introducing the new Flat panel iMac.

      • FANLESS

        Yes, it’s true. I will be introducing new LCD iMacs, as well as explaining how Apple is buying Disney (not the other way around), Palm, and Motorola. I will also be introducing 1 Ghz dual processor G4 PowerMacs, the Apple PDA, a new, bigger iBook, (as well as the current iBook in different colors) and G4 PowerBooks in different anodized colors.
        Oh, and one last thing… Mac OS X for x86 machines.

        I don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • velocity

        Well, I guess I was ill informed. Fucking rumor sites are never right. I guess you know nothing about Son of Pismo either. Shit.

      • FANLESS

        Yes, that’s right. Because I didn’t say anything about “a new, bigger iBook, (as well as the current iBook in different colors)”.

      • velocity

        No, I didn’t hear you say anything about that. But I did hear that Steve Jobs was performing a human sacrifice on stage at the keynote. I think it is going to be Steve from the really cool fucking lame Dell commercials.

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