Yes, another picture.

Posted On June 28, 2001

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Well, I’m sorry, but I’m bored as balls today…
Separated at birth??
Long Lost Twins?


9 Responses to “Yes, another picture.”

  1. tats

    you have way to much free time


      Yeah, but… That could be your sister, right?

      • tats

        there is a certainly a resemblance.
        but her nose is longer and more tapered than mine.
        frankly, i have better eyes ::smile:: but that’s my opinion.

      • FANLESS

        One is a fashion model. the other is not. Guess which is which.
        Alright, I see what you’re saying.

      • tats

        that’s kind of mean.

      • FANLESS

        Is this better? more similar?

      • tats

        that’s disturbing

      • FANLESS

        You love it!

      • tats

        i don’t like that face on me. it looks freaky.
        like blossom strung out on crack

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