Old Skool Recess

Posted On June 27, 2001

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So I have the biggest boner for these shoes, but there is a problem… They only come in size 10 and 11. I wear size 10.5. The shoes I have on now are 10.5 and they fit perfectly. I can’t decide which size to get… 10 or 11. What do people usually do when they can’t try shoes on? Go bigger, or smaller?
RoxorZ your soXorZ Blue Patent wingtips!


14 Responses to “Old Skool Recess”

  1. tats

    if you go smaller your feet will hurt. a lot.
    cramped toes and the like.

  2. ex_ciannait

    Most people go bigger. Bigger by half a size won’t kill you, but if you go half a size smaller you’ll regret it, and you probably won’t ever actually wear the shoes.

  3. number1sj

    I have shoes just like that. I never wear them.

    • tats

      i like them except for the thick soles. i just don’t care for that. the color is awesome though.

      • number1sj

        Black…??? I think you are just trying to be nice, temper your previous comment.
        ; )

      • tats

        eh? ::confused::
        i meant the color of the shoes – the shiny blue

      • number1sj

        They look black to me. My monitor brightness is turned way down….

      • tats

        i’m still confused by your comment tho 🙂

  4. watershipdown

    you can always get inserts or stuff cotton or kleenex into them.
    smaller, you can only hope you haven’t eaten too much salt that day.

  5. perigune

    Go for the larger size.

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