Posted On June 27, 2001

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I don’t understand how/why people take the “friends” page thing so personally. And I’m not talking just about people that are, or were, on my “friends” page.
But in the case of the people that were on my “friends” page; I did not drop you because I don’t like you. I dumped everyone off of my “friends” page because, to me, it was a funny thing to do.
And why would you even care if I had you on my “friends” page? How often did I read what you had to say, or leave comments? Unless you’re in the or communities, I doubt it was very often, because I have looked at my own “friends” page about 5 times ever. Like I said, it’s nothing personal. Reading what Joe Public has to say about their own lives just doesn’t interest me much. (which isn’t to say you’re not interesting) And it seems like when I do read my “friends” page, I end up somewhere like this, and frankly, that’s not where I want to be. So I tend to stick to the parts of the www where I am able to comprehend what is being said, why it is being said, and why what is being said is so.
In addition to what I said about the people that had me on their “friends” page because they were on mine, I was sincerely left with a “5th wheel” type feeling. And often times people would ask me about things they had said in their journal, and I had no idea what they were talking about because I had not read it. That also gave me an odd feeling. Like, since I had them listed as a “friend”, it was my responsibility to read everything they had to say. I did not like the feeling that gave me.
or something.


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  1. diamondc

    i had a dream last night and YOU WERE IN IT! For some reason, i took a trip to Miami, and I thought it was Houston. it was raining really bad, so i go to finding South Beach and i finally see you! and you’re like yeah, you can stay here for as long as you want gabe. all i can remember from that was that your apartment had a huge ass window that took up most of the wall. you live in some huge apartment complex and during the day you’re at work and i see all these people stealing from the other apartments .. and then later on I get lost again in Miami.. that’s all I can remember from the dream.
    weird, right?!


      Re: dude..
      That’s funny!
      And if you do ever come to sobe, you can stay for a week, or maybe 10 days tops.

  2. velocity

    Dude, you fucking rock. I wish half the people on LJ were as honest as you.
    I think it is fucking hilarious that you took everyone off your friends list.


      The hilarious part is …
      Several months ago I added them to my friends list.
      They added me to theirs.
      2 days ago I deleted them from my friends list. (along with everyone else, as you know)
      They deleted me from theirs. (as well did some other people)
      Lastnight I added the people that deleted me because I deleted them…
      Luninosity added me back to their friends list.
      Fucking lemmings, I say! (Luminosity could in fact be the coolest one of all, assuming they’re playing my game to be funny. But I dunno.)
      But seriously, the people that actually get it, and find humor in it, (like you) are the people I would want to have on my “friends” page. And they are the people that I would want to see (hear) what I have to say.

  3. deuterium_d3

    I think I spit out a lung when I read that link. You’re frickin’ hilarious, heh.
    And props to you for adding the people that dropped you from your friends list… irony is your tool!


      I was hoping you wouldn’t be mad, cos that’s your boi. I totally didn’t mean any ill will by it, as it seems you know. (huh? I have no idea what I just said)

      • deuterium_d3

        not mad; laughing.
        recommendation: don’t date somebody who has a livejournal unless you’re okay with the whole world knowing your intimate business

      • angelicdestiny

        hahaha. my boyfriend learnt that the hard way.

  4. her_holiness

    I laughed when I read what you did. I’m not even in the least offended. I like reading your entries from time to time, so I’m keeping you on my friends list.
    I was just curious as to why you feel like you have to explain yourself. It’s your journal, and if you don’t want to or don’t care to read others’ journals, it’s your choice. Why should they be offended?
    Okay, I think I need more caffeine in me before I type anything more.


      Basically, I want people to understand that I didn’t do it to be an asshole, or something. I’m not trying to burn bridges in the slightest way. And with my karma and the irony I always find in my life, it wouldn’t surprise me if someday I didn’t get a job, or missed out on a life altering opportunity because of something so trivial as me deleting someone from my friends list. By explaining that it was for fun, I hope to keep the bad karma demons, or whatever, away.

  5. acadiabaird

    hallelujah, praise the lord BOY!
    you will go down in “friends hell” for this you know! heh………..

  6. angelicdestiny

    who cares. my only question is why the hell did you ad that many people if you never read your friends page. what was the point.

    • dethbunny

      part of it could be for…I dunno maybe he likes the people for some reason?
      I mean…sometimes you acknowledge somebody as a friend, but that doesn’t mean you need to hear every detail of their life 😉
      I had a point, put I think I left it in my other pants, or something. sorry.

      • angelicdestiny

        he said he deleted like 100 something people. why would anyone bother to add them to a page they didnt read? where did he find them anyhow? i know he didnt find me in the mac community.


      Who cares about what?
      I added most of the people when I first got my LiveJournal. I just added people that had certain interests listed, without even reading what they had to say first. I had a bunch of people on my “friends” list that had stopped writing in their journals long before I even added them as a “friend”.
      The point was to gain knowledge from people with an interest in things that I use in my day to day life. (Photoshop, Macs, and so on…) I figured that if people were doing similar things as me on a daily basis, or at least often enough to list such things as an interest, then maybe they would have the same issues as me. Maybe someone would bitch about a bug in a computer application that I had planned to use, or something like that. If I can learn something from someone else’s mistake, then that saves me the hassle of making the same mistake myself.
      In the end I decided it was easier to have the the people with same interests as me, come to me instead of me tracking them down, by reading the friends pages of different communities.

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