This is the type of post that would be friends only, if I had “friends”.

Posted On June 26, 2001

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maybe i do take a good picture now and again, and maybe i have some skill with photoshop; i can accept that.
Um… Apparently that’s how they’re supposed to look, but they kinda freak me out. Photos like that are the ones I fear more than any others. (except for gay dude pr0n) I usually end up saying “Fuck it! I can’t polish a turd.”
And I’m not dissing the subject matter of the photos in any way. It’s just… I can’t help but think about how they would print.


13 Responses to “This is the type of post that would be friends only, if I had “friends”.”

  1. tats

    very very freaky.

    • ibrad

      damn, since we’re being all rude and ‘calling it like it is,’ i want to know, why don’t you have anything better to do than like comment on EVERY DAMN ENTRY that this dude makes, just like, agreeing, sucking ass, being all like “yeah and stuff” and then like all defending everything? 😛

      • FANLESS

        She does that because she wants my hog. I mean, you know, since we’re ‘calling it like it is’.

      • tats

        yeah, you got me.
        damn, i was trying to play it cool.

      • ibrad

        ugh bitch please everybody knows hes my man

      • tats

        do we need to step outside and discuss this irrationally?

      • FANLESS

        So don’t fucking blow it for me by pissing her off!

      • tats

        now, when you say “this dude” – you are not really clear on exactly whom you are referring to.
        “Freaky picture guy” or Fanless?
        I assume that you refer to Fanless and what seems to be my insatiable need to comment on almost everything he posts.
        I do it because I can – and I like it. I enjoy the idea of communicating (albeit in a very noncommittal way) with someone that I will never meet.
        Yes, I noticed the smiley after your comment, but I felt the need to express my views. 😛

  2. number1sj

    I liked it.

  3. Anonymous

    Those photos blow. What Photoshop was done? Blur and tight crop. Ouch.
    Maybe the intention was to make the person look like a freaky cult zombie wannagoth bobbing head doll. Then perhaps they were successful.
    The lighting is straight out of a Citibank ad, the ones that are intentionally lit badly to make it look like an ID badge shot.
    Photoshop is both a miracle and a horrendous, ghastly nightmare, depending on the end user. And those miraculous end users tend to take great photographs without the aid of any software.

    • deuterium_d3

      I thought the pictures were nice… I would’ve kept a sharper focus on the eyes, but the whole tiny-depth-of-field thing he’s got going works for his subject. I like the muted colors, too.

      • FANLESS

        My point to the post was that thanks to my line of work for the past 3 years, I now see things how they would be printed. And I can automatically see that the background, which I assume should be black, will print as a very dark, very saturated red. And the dark shadows would print with a very saturated green and cyan. and the highlights would be blown out. and the shadows would be very harsh.
        I don’t know why I picked you to reply about this. Sorry.

      • deuterium_d3

        You should be sorry. I’m going to send you some gay pr0n [not really].
        I see how those pictures could be a nightmare to print… and it’d probably be hard to make a finished product that the customer would be satisfied with. Hm.

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