Posted On June 26, 2001

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I had this really long and funny thing typed out, but died and took it.
Anyways, isn’t it ironic how the day I buy some Mop & Glo and go apeshit with cleaning/moving furniture is the same day I see my first roach inside this apartment? (I saw the roach after I was done with the cleaning)
The roach was about 2 inches long, not counting his antennae or whatever they’re called. I named it Stanley, and after taking it’s picture, I sprayed some Windex on it, and then it fell off of the wall. I stepped on Stanley, and now the roach is dead.
the end
el roacho


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    Holy Toledeo!
    Did you just make that? Because it rules in more than one way!
    First it rules because the one roach stops to check out the other roach’s junk, or sniff it’s butt, or something.
    And then it rules because I loaded the page with it, and I was just laying in bed with my ThinkPad next to me, and I was doing something else, and I hadn’t seen the pic yet, and out of the corner of my eye, I see something moving, and I’m, about ready to get up and turn some lights on to see what the hell just crawled across my screen!!

  2. lourdes_is

    i expected that from a mexican.

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