I just clicked on 171 checkboxes.

Posted On June 25, 2001

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You are no longer my friend.


31 Responses to “I just clicked on 171 checkboxes.”

  1. kneb

    Why’d ya do such a thing?


      I had 171 “friends” and I know very little about them. I mean, think about it… How many times have I left comments in your journal? I don’t even know that I have ever read it.

      • ex_ciannait

        You’ve commented in mine, though. :/

      • FANLESS

        Yeah, because you’re in the Macintosh community. That’s about the only friends page I read. I even have it bookmarked in my browser toolbar thing.

      • kneb

        Wow. That made me feel good.

      • FANLESS

        I didn’t mean it as a diss.
        Once I get around to adding people, you’ll be back on my friends list.

  2. ex_ciannait

    Well, fuck you too. 😉 Any particular reason why?


      I didn’t mean any disrespect by it. I doubt anyone would have noticed if I hadn’t said anything about it.
      I’ve looked at my friends page maybe 5 times (ever). For some reason it felt like the right thing to do. Some people had me on their friends list only because I added them as a friend. I think that the people that are really interested in what I have to say will still keep me on their friends list. And if they don’t, so what? I don’t care.
      I’m not trying to be a jerk about it. I just don’t really see the difference because I never look at my friends page anyway.

      • ex_ciannait

        I know that I added you before you added me, because I thought you were interesting. I also know that you made some friends-only posts lately. Just not interested in that level of security now?
        Just curious… 🙂

  3. elgorgo

    ~feh. that’s too much work.

  4. velocity

    Well, you have commented on mine and I have commented on yours (maybe not a hell of a lot though). But hey, it is your journal and you can do what ever you want.
    I’m gonna keep you on my list. No skin off my back. I actually enjoy your entries. They make me laugh.
    Have a good one.

  5. kannan

    i never added you, you never added me. wow so that means, i was never deleted!
    i feel special on some undeleted level.

  6. sivatonight

    Same here. You’re on my friends list because I love your entries. Whether or not I am on your list is fine by me. 🙂

  7. tats

    i’m appalled that you would have the gall to do somethin……geez…i can’t even type that without laughing.

  8. pixelpusher

    Bwa ha ha ha ha!!! You are your only friend!!!
    And here I always wondered why you never responded to my tales of drug abuse, beagle love and gory sexcapades.


      Myself and I are on my friends list.
      And… You type way too much for me to read what you have to say. I mean, if it’s more than 3 lines I usually skip it. Even if I knew it was a post about Britney Spears coming to Miami Beach to do a private lap dance to the first 26 year old lazy fat mexican to say “holy meat!”, I would still skip it. Not because I’m not interested in what you and others who make long posts have to say… But because I have the attention span of a 3 year old after drinking a case of Red Bull.

      • pixelpusher

        And that is why we love you.
        Short Attention Span Theater, here we come.


    Re: I WOULD!
    I took that as you saying you want to take my virginity.

  10. banzai

    Would I?
    Yeah, I just added you one time when I looked at my “friends of” list and said “Who the hell is suckability?” But now I like reading you, so you’re stayin’.

  11. rosencrantz

    I see it as a reciprocal thing. If someone adds me to their friend list, I add them to mind because it’s only fair payment in return. Someone lets you see their private thoughts, you let them see yours. Anyway, here’s to a few good entries, before you started getting all hung up on the girlfriend issues 😉 Good luck with it!

  12. deuterium_d3

    So many LJers are offended when they get dropped from someone’s friend list. Why?! If someone doesn’t want to see my stuff on their friends page, that’s cool.


      I know. And I barely even make friends only posts. And if you notice, I dumped everyone from my friends list. Not just certain people.
      It’s amusing to me to see who will drop me. 5 people so far.

  13. ibrad

    uhh, thats weird you have my mom on and not me. i thought we were friends. but thats cool, i don’t write often and when i do it is stupid, and i don’t really need anything facetious like reciprocity. i don’t see what this is for, or why, but to each his own…


      Yes, see… As a bit of a sociology experiment, last night I got rid of everyone on my “friends” list.
      Your mom was the first person to do the same thing to me. Then 5 more people took me off of their friends list.
      Then tonight, I added the people that removed me from their friends list, back to my friends list.
      Do you see where this is going? No? Well, me either. I’m just bored.
      I still think it’s funny that people would A) add me to their friends list, just because I had them listed as a friend; and B) remove me from their friends list just because I removed them from mine.
      I mean, why bother? You’re only interested in what I have to say because I’m interested in what you have to say? That’s dumb. (and I don’t mean you, specifically. I mean “you” as in people that do that.)

      • ibrad

        As I explained in another comment, actually, she didn’t. We had been landscaping and running errands the entire day, from like 5AM to when she fell asleep. I can’t say she even as much as touched her computer, let alone did some friends page fretting. She isn’t like that anyway. She removed you days ago, and therefore it had nothing to do with friends page reciprocity.

      • FANLESS

        Not that it even matters, but on behalf of my integrity, I’m going to go by the screenshot that I took at 6/25/01, 11:42PM EST, which tells me otherwise. But anyways…

  14. gucky

    How odd.
    How often do people check to see who’s listed them as a friend? If you have more friends than people who list you as a friend, are you “winning”? Is this like a test of cyber-popularity?
    I guess the key to true all-consuming paranoia and neuroticism is the constant check of the friends list. I think the last time I saw my info page was a month ago when I realized I had spelled something wrong on my interests list. (shame) I’ll have to go check my popularity count right now. Oooh.


      Re: How odd.
      If anything, having fewer “friends” would make a person less cyber-popular, as shown by the fact that 6 people removed me from their “friends” list after I dumped 171 people from my “friends” list.

  15. perigune

    I noticed something…
    Interesting side effects from your “friends” experiment: since you cut everyone from your Friends list, you’ve been posting more often. You’re also getting a lot more comments too.

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