Posted On June 24, 2001

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Does this work?
I am about ready to kill my modem in the face!!


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  1. ebound

    Worked for me.


      coo. Looks like I got the port forwarding correct.
      But my net connection keeps dying.

      • ebound

        Save up a sheitload, and buy DSL or something. Thats what I’m tryin to do, but I’m sharin a house with my family, so i don’t think it’ll work. That’s just my $0.02. Try another modem, buy an external one, who knows.

      • FANLESS

        I have 1.5 Mb DSl. I wouldn’t try to serve stuff with a dial up.
        And this is my 2nd dsl modem with my 2nd dsl ISP. Before that I had a cable modem.

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