Posted On June 22, 2001

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I just remembered/realized that it was one year ago when I went on my first deep sea fishing trip.
I caught a snapper!


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  1. acadiabaird

    sweet! did you clean it and cook it?


      No, but I ate it. Someone else cleaned it and grilled it.

      • acadiabaird

        sweet, I just got a fishing license, but I have no idea how to gut a fish……….
        I want to learn, they have great salmon out here………..
        that was a sweet movie………..too bad you can’t lighten up/perfect the brightness in quicktime movies the way you do your photos……….or can you, but just didn’t?

      • FANLESS

        You can, but it takes a long time, and I was just like… “fuck it. I’ll just do this in iMovie.”

  2. tats

    wow….what a big fish you have


      Yeah, but from what I hear, it’s not nearly as big as yours!

      • tats

        that’s not very funny.

  3. ebound

    You shoulda squeezed that little hole on the bottom of it.

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