I got Mac OS X 10.0.4!

Posted On June 21, 2001

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Mac OS X 10.0.4


18 Responses to “I got Mac OS X 10.0.4!”

  1. Anonymous

    that’s alot of RAM

  2. tats

    holy big ass icons!


      Yeah, they rule!

      • tats

        I love the way that the finder can be manipulated.

      • FANLESS

        Like how?

      • tats

        just the way you can change the icons – friend of mine has the sweetest dock!
        he changed all the standard icons to funky ones – like the superman logo and marvin the martian….
        even the standard maniputlations of the dock are nice….(mag/show-hide)
        very aesthetically pleasing

      • FANLESS

        I keep my dock hidden, but sometimes it doesn’t pop up when I try to drag disks to the trash, because Mac OS X kinda sucks.

      • tats

        I keep mine hidden as well, and I have the same problem at times…
        Does the behavior repeat in 10.0.4?

      • FANLESS

        I dunno. I haven’t tried it yet.
        I just installed 10.0.4, rebooted, launched Photoshop, but classic was fuX0red again, and I didn’t have a menubar, so I went to restart, but my comp kinda froze. The clock was stopped, and my dock was stuck, but my mouse still worked. I couldn’t force quit anything, so I had to hit the restart button on my tower…
        It booted fine, and I launched Photoshop again, and this time it worked. I took the screen shot, shrunk it in Photoshop, uploaded it, made the journal entry, and went back to my couch and ThinkPad.

      • tats

        i am having an issue with running the Outlook 2001b in classic – slow as all hell.
        lemme know if you see am improvement in the dock.

      • dethbunny

        People at work make stupid comments because my icons are huge, then I basiacally say “If I HAD MORE FUCKING FILES on my desktop maybe I’d need smaller icons. But I don’t, and these are nicely clickable.”

  3. ibrad

    I thought I had a pretty big buddy list. three groups and 68 total buddies.


      Yeah, but how long have you had your AIM screen name? I’ve had mine since 1997, I think.

  4. velocity

    Did the update replace all your custom icons? I had custom folder icons and now they are back to those ugly neon blue things. WTF? The funny thing is, is that the resource file’s date hasn’t changed.
    Have you noticed a speed increase in the Finder?


      I haven’t used any custom icons with OS X yet.
      And I can’t tell a difference between 10.0.3 and 10.0.4

      • velocity

        Neither can I. I think people think it is faster because the want to believe it is. Who knows.

  5. ebound

    I updated to 9.1 and X today, and I already have 10.0.3 . My 56k isnt helping, though. Thats why I don’t have 10.0.4 yet. I’m busy downloading the AOL beta for X so I can use dialup in X. So I’m happy for now.

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