Posted On June 21, 2001

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99 hours… No reply.
In 69 more hours it will be a week.


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  1. tats

    this will prolly sound harsh and i don’t mean it that way at all….but maybe she’s trying to tell you something.


      Yeah, it would seem that way, but why wouldn’t she take the offer (whatever?) to not have anything to do with me last week?
      I mean, the reply from her that I’m waiting for is in reply to her reply that said she didn’t want to end it.
      I’m trying to plan my summer, and I need to know if I can include her in my plans or not.
      My parents are coming down on me pretty hard because my summer plans involve them too, but I can’t tell them what’s up because I don’t know what’s up because she won’t tell me what’s up.
      This is exactly the type of bullshit I was bitching about the other day.
      Why should/would a person have to put up with so much frustration? We are not in a real relationship (yet!), so there are no perks to go along with it.
      I totally wouldn’t deal with it, but… THE ONE!!
      And the animosity that gets built up because of all of the bullshit is overwhelming!

      • tats

        this girl seems to be leading you around by the balls and that’s not right.
        seems to me like she is stringing you along, in case she needs something to fall back on.
        a girl who treats you like this is not THE ONE. you deserve better.

      • FANLESS

        I think she’s busy with something, or something. but it seems like common courtesy, to me, to let a foo know what’s up!
        I mean, just say.. .Hey, look.. “I’m going to Toronto for 5 days…” or whatever.

      • tats

        it is rude not to reply to an email for that long.
        if you are going to be gone for an extended amount of time, the correct thing to do is set up an auto-reply to let people know that you will not be answering your mail.
        frankly, i’d be a bit pissed off.

      • FANLESS

        The worst is yet to come…
        Eventually she’ll reply, but she won’t volunteer any extra information. (as in why we’re at 101 hours with no reply)
        And if she does try to explain the delay, it will be something similar to what she said last week when she didn’t reply for 3 days… Something about not being home, and needing to get out of the house.
        In other words, this is going to be trust damaging.

      • tats

        why do you let her do this to you? if this is how she treats you now….what makes you think that it will be better if you are in a commited relationship with her?
        i know it’s kinda scary to let go of a potential, but, i think that you are setting yourself up for a fall.

      • FANLESS

        Well, because the issue is that she’s not replying to my email, and she’s not telling me what’s going on.
        If she was here, then that wouldn’t be an issue.
        I don’t think she would be able to not answer my questions with me looking her in the eye.

      • tats

        not replying to your email is not the issue – it’s one of the events that creates the issue.
        i’m am willing to bet that there have been similar events in the past – otherwise, this wouldn’t effect you so much.
        maybe you need to step back and take a look at the big picture.

      • number1sj

        You are putting your whole life on hold for someone who doesn’t give you the courtesy??? Why?
        Have your life and “fit” her in. If she even deserves that.

      • tats

        exactly. that reinforces the whole “she’s not number one” thing.
        people who are number one in your life have the decency to treat you with respect.

      • FANLESS

        I’m not going to write off the past 4 years just because this girl hasn’t said peep in the past 2 weeks.

      • tats

        what kind of relationship have you had for 4 years?
        a close one? do you both see other people, have you commited yourselves to each other?
        2 weeks is a long time not to talk to a person that you care about.

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