My summer plans Pt. 1

Posted On June 19, 2001

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So far I have over $1600 invested into activities occurring this summer.
I hope people don’t fuck me in the ass by not showing up, or something!
2 sets of round trip plane tickets for two.
8 tickets to see Blink 182.
2 tickets to the Vans Warped tour.
2 tickets to Ozzfest.
1 ticket to MacWorld.
Hotel reservations.
Car rental.
Plus clothes not yet purchased.
-1 pair of dress shoes.
-1 pair of casual shoes.
-Nice pants.
-Nice shirt.
-1 or 2 pairs of sunglasses.
Other things to possibly be bought.
– DV camera
– Round trip airfare for 2 to Washington State.
– 2 tickets to the Washougal National.
– 2 tickets the the Columbia Cup.
– 2 tickets to Sea Fair.
– Car rental.
I seriously hope this doesn’t end up kicking my ass!


One Response to “My summer plans Pt. 1”

  1. acadiabaird

    the Washougal National? that is damn close to me if it’s in Washington on the Columbia River, what is it, a bike convention?
    I know of a great hot springs out that way of you are interested, let me know……..

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