Posted On June 19, 2001

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I just bought a pair of shoes at Specs.
Actually, I didn’t get shoes, but I spent some of my shoe money.
I got the new Blink 182 CD two more times. I now have the Green, Yellow, and Red CDs. (That’s $54 plus tax for all 3)
I also got a a 104 CD sport binder. It rules because it came with 20 CD-Rs. I really needed the thing because my CDs that I burn often end up on the floor, and get scratched. I think 3 CDs have been fuX0red that way. I should have bought 2 because I know this one will be full by tomorrow.
Lastly, I bought the Get Shorty DVD.
I wanted to buy the 2nd series of Sex and the City on DVD, but I didn’t want to spend $150 on everything.
So, I guess that means no new Fluevogs for me.
And wow! I just won a free 20 oz Coke product from the lid of my Sprite!


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