Posted On June 17, 2001

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Is it a sin for me to watch Pokemon: The First Movie and then Pokemon: The Movie 2000?


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  1. giles

    Well, it’s not a sin as long as you ONLY masturbate to Nurse Joy or Jessie.
    Not that Jigglypuff isn’t hot, but I don’t think they can really give consent. Legally.


      Re: No…
      Pokemon and pretty much any anime makes my wood go down, so that shouldn’t be an issue.
      Actually, I don’t really dislike anime, as in the animation process itself. I just don’t like how people go so nuts over jap cartoon pr0n. I mean, it’s a freaking drawing of someone/creature with massive eyes and small nose/mouth. I just don’t get it.

      • giles

        Re: No…
        I think it’s an issue of the availability of cartoons containing fuckery. Your choices are like… “Fritz the Cat” or Japanese stuff. And I guess if you’re the type of person who really likes watching schoolgirls getting raped by octopi, anime is pretty much your only option.
        I’m not terribly keen on tentacle rape or people flying giant robots up each others’ asses. But I do like cartoons. I don’t care how big some chick’s eyes are, it just seems like Japanese cartoons contain a bit more variety… and a lot of people do gravitate straight towards the tentacle porn and the magical schoolgirls, but that’s like thinking all American entertainment contains Ron Jeremy.
        Which… actually, I guess it does. Never mind. Wait, has he done a cartoon?

      • FANLESS

        Re: No…
        That’s kinda my point. Why would a person want to see CARTOONS do it?
        I guess if you’re into “tentacle rape or people flying giant robots up each others’ asses”, then yeah, I suppose you’re only going to see that in cartoons. Like I said, that’s what I have issuse with… People going nuts over stuff like that. It just doesn’t seem right to me. And it seems to be so rampant on the net. Just look at livejournal and how many people have anime charachters for their user pics. I’m not saying that indicates that they’re all into the super wacky stuff, but I’m sure a good number of them are.

      • Anonymous

        Re: No…
        It’s not like I didn’t go through a REALLY Japan-centric phase in my life. I think when you notice enough stuff is fucked up about society, you start looking at OTHER societies because you somehow think one of them will be “perfect”… but they’re NOT, ’cause they’re still full of humans.
        I’ve read enough stuff about Japan online now that I don’t have any illusions about moving there, ever, anymore. Not even sure if I could visit, just ’cause I don’t know what I’d EAT.
        One of the many webcomics I waste my time reading is Cutewendy over at Recently the guy who draws it posted some of his early work here – and I think it’s pretty interesting, because it’s basically a magic schoolgirl story with lesbianism and a very phallic magic wand. And he’s posted comments about his work, what he re-drew, etc… and he’s really beating himself up because of all the Japanese stuff he put in. Like non-Japanese characters shouting stuff in Japanese… Japanese writing in a comic that’s neither by nor FOR Japanese people… and just blatantly copying Japanese artists’ styles just to make it look more “Japanese.”
        I guess it’s the same thing as suburban kids wishing they were inner city gangstas… only geekier, and with fewer subwoofers driving past at night.
        I guess I could get some bikes, and a picture of Dewey, and talk about the Fiery at work… but it wouldn’t make me FANLESS! It would just make me a lumpy geek with some bikes and a picture of Dewey.
        I’m going to look at pictures of big white girls dressed up as Sailor Moon at cons until I get the shakes and vomit now.

      • rosencrantz

        I love drawing and animation, and that includes American style as well as Japanese style. I think many people like it because there’s a bit more diversity to be had with anime. American animation is generally aimed at younger audiences. Japanese animation has a target audience for just about any age, so they’re not just ‘cartoons for kids.’ Although recently it’s been changing, traditionally, Japenese animation also had higher quality than American animation.
        Now, as to people going nuts over Japanese animation. There is a special term for those types of people in Japan, it’s called “Otaku” — in America, where anime isn’t really as rampant, it’s seen as a kind of “good” term, because it means you actually know anime exists at all. In Japan, however, it’s kind of like an insult. “Otaku” literally translates to home, and the slang is that an Otaku is somebody who is so obsessed with anime that they never leave their house. That’s why people tend to make fun of folks too obessed with anime by calling them “smelly Otakus.”
        All that being said, what’s the difference from mastrubating to cartoon porn as opposed to real-life porn? I don’t get either situation. The end result is that you’re just screwing to your own fantasies anyway. Besides, in a day and age where folks freely admit to getting turned on by pickles or Ouchie the Clown, is it a wonder that you cand find people with a fetish for cartoons?

  2. her_holiness

    I have to be the one to say it:


      That’s what I thought, so I went and did laundry instead.
      I didn’t even bother grabbing the remote to tune it in.

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