Posted On June 16, 2001

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I’m having some “grass is greener” issues right now.
My friend Brandon called me earlier, on his new cell phone with nation wide calling area, or something. (He’s in Eastern Washington State) I was happy to hear from him, but then I got a little bummed because he said he got a new truck, and some stuff. I wasn’t jealous, I was bummed for another reason. Then he went into a no service area, or something, because we got disconnected.
Then a minute or two later my phone rang, and it was Robert. He called me late last night/early this morning, and I had told him about a casting in Soho. He had called me again earlier this morning as he was getting to the casting, and now he was calling me from Times Square, as he was walking to CompUSA to buy a printer. I was on the phone with him until he was about to pay for his printer. (He got a Xerox M760 because they were all out of the Epson 777i) I got even more bummed when I heard someone honk their horn as he was in front of the Virgin Megastore. (Robert just called me again…)I just really wanted to be there!
About a minute after I started to talk to him, my call waiting started to beep, but I didn’t want to be rude and switch over. I figured it was Brandon calling me back. I didn’t know what to do… They’re both calling me long distance on cell phones. I later checked my voice mail, and it was indeed Brandon calling. He left two messages.
I hope something for Robert happens with this casting. I love hooking people up like that. I love being the guy that knows someone for everything.
I guess I’m not that bummed anymore. Miami just won the College World Series!


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  1. oncee

    The Epson 777i is an excellent printer. I need to get one for home.

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