faerie n 1: small, human in form, playful, having magical powers

Posted On June 14, 2001

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What the hell? Are these people drunk or am I missing something?
Either these people forgot to mention how much acid they were tripping on, or they’re talking about something different than I think they’re talking about.
I’ll probably never be able to see a “Fae”, “Faery”, “Faerie”, or “Fairy”, because I don’t think I believe. (or drop acid)


3 Responses to “faerie n 1: small, human in form, playful, having magical powers”

  1. dixie

    I’m a faerie. *shhhhhhh* don’t tell anyone.

  2. elgorgo

    mmm. sadly, i don’t think you’re missing anything.
    /me dodges tree huggers

  3. giles

    It’s probably like Sea Monkeys.
    You know, the Sea Monkeys box shows all the happy pink hominids with crowns and cohesive family units.
    Then you dump the crap in the little fishtank and end up with little booger thing swimming around and NOT LEARNING ANY TRICKS.
    So that’s probably what happens with faes. You go out in the damn woods, get bitten to hell by mosquitos, and then a big white mosquito chomps your ass and you go, “Oh, a fae, how magical. Ow.”

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