Posted On June 13, 2001

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The thing I like the most about South Beach, is not the bare breasteses on the beach. (However, I do like that)
It’s not the girls that walk all over just wearing their butt-floss bikinis. (I like that too!)
Nope, my favorite thing about South Beach is how so many girls ride around on beach cruisers, while wearing skirts! I swear I see at least 2 skirted bicycle riding girls every day, along with whatever they have to hide up their skirts.
On my way to work this morning, I intersected with one such girl, and I almost started laughing because as she was riding along, smiling, her twat was practically winking at me.
I love living here!


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  1. ebound

    ::grabs his bags:: I’ve had enough of Chicago! I want to move to South Beach.

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