Posted On June 12, 2001

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Ok, who is the wise guy that sent me these messages on Yahoo Instant Messenger? I got them when I got home. Very funny.

hottiejustforu2001 (12:20:40pm) : hi
hottiejustforu2001 (12:26:22pm) : hi u are so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so HOT
hottiejustforu2001 (12:26:37pm) : hehe
hottiejustforu2001 (12:27:00pm) : even know u are 26 years old
hottiejustforu2001 (12:27:11pm) : u are fucking HOT
hottiejustforu2001 (12:41:07pm) : talk to me please
hottiejustforu2001 (12:49:54pm) : u are one HOT guy and i want u bad

hottiejustforu2001 (5:33:48pm) : hi
hottiejustforu2001 (5:33:51pm) : how are you


4 Responses to “”

  1. tats

    damn – i wish i would have thought of that!

  2. dixie

    Wasn’t me.


      Drat! I was hoping it was you saying such things.

      • dixie

        Well, you are hot (and quite the charmer)–but I don’t type in the Prince lyrics style.

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