Posted On June 12, 2001

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How hard is it to change a user’s password in apache? How long should this take?
These people want to charge me $10 just to change my ftp password, because “it requires technicians to reconfigure your account.”


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  1. diamondc

    # passwd fanless
    type new password: ********
    retype new password: ********
    password changed


      Re: uhmm
      I figured it was something as trivial as that.

      • yizhe

        Re: uhmm
        Maybe the server is hosted is North Pole where they have to sent a technical crew there to enter a few words… dun blame them =P

  2. hippierage

    Suck honey!
    If this is for your website, you need a new hosting provider anyway. You know about 80% of the time I can’t even get to your site.
    Second, I work for a large isp (85K customers) and there is no way in hell we could get away with charging that much.
    If you are interested, I could host your website on my server. if you are interested, catch me on AIM or ICQ.
    I’ll be happy to do it. Just remember your mileage may very with me, b/c I can take the site down when I want. But it has to better than your shitty provider.

  3. drstein

    Apache doesn’t need a password, it’s the web server. 🙂 Changing a password is brain dead and trivial. $10 is a rip off. Who’s the hosting provider, anyway?
    And Telocity has been known for being funky..


      And I knew Apache was the web server. I just figured that’s where you configure the users, because that’s where you do it on the servers I’ve used.
      And the webhost is Burlee. ( ) They’ve been pretty good, but they rob you with any sort of changes. ($30 to change the mailbox size… (free the first time) $10 ftp password change)

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