Posted On June 10, 2001

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Every time I see that Infiniti Q45 commercial, I feel like I’m installing Mac OS X or something.


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  1. kibbles

    That’s a GOOD thing, right?


      I’m not sure. I guess it is. But I don’t really like OS X that much, so I dunno.

      • kibbles

        I haven’t made the plunge, yet.
        Intend to. I think. Not sure. I only got this Mac a year ago, and I am still learning the OS after years on a PC. (even though I used Macs at work)
        Im having HD troubles so I am really loathe to complicate things with yet another operating system.
        SO many damn commercials use Mac desktop when they have a computer on a screen. . .

      • FANLESS

        After you install OS X, you go through some set up screens, and the same song from the Q45 commercial plays.

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