Posted On June 8, 2001

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Another domain name I want is
Please buy it for me.


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  1. tats

    yeah – i’ll get right on that for ya


      Sweet! Thanks!

    • ebound

      Hey! Tats, you still owe me that Shelby GT 500!

      • tats

        I have yet to see an Aston Martin in my driveway…

      • ebound

        I put it there 5 God damn minutes ago! DON’T TELL ME IT’S BEEN RIPPED OFF! SHEIT!

      • tats

        i was watching…you did not.

      • ebound

        Maybe it was the wrong driveway. I’d better go check. ::runs out::

      • tats


  2. diamondc

    i always wanted, but it’s taken 😦


      Re: !
      Which sounds like… What? Ass in spanish?

    • FANLESS = culero?
      (noun, Spain) Petty drug dealer who smuggles hashish from Morocco to Spain by hiding it within his/her ass. (adj, Mexico) unpleasant, stroppy.

      • diamondc

        Re: = culero?
        Yes! i always assumed it was just ‘fucker’
        you needa brush up on your mexican bad words, pinche culero

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