Posted On June 7, 2001

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Jesus Christ! This has got to be the dumbest idea anyone has ever had!


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  1. ibrad

    It’s kind of a nice thought, but I don’t see how that could ever get off of the ground, or how exactly that would ever be fairly implemented.


      I don’t see it as necessary. Outside of games, how many major apps are there that are only for one platform? I can think of maybe a couple of 3D animation apps, and sound editing apps. I can’t think of any apps that make me say “I wish I could have that on my Mac.” (however, there are several Mac only apps that I would like to use with Windows)

      • ibrad

        I’m sure you can ask people in a hundred different computer-related professions and they would come up with all sorts of applications that they wish they had on both platforms. I think this is more than just having the app, it’s having the app from the same company, the same version, the same featureset, the same integration, as well as NOT having to use some bodgy, old, obscure shareware replacement or something. And this isn’t jsut about games or software, I believe you can read into it that it is also about websites and other technologies.
        It isn’t really necessary, but having equal software, support, and ability of Windows would certainly once and for all dispell the myth of there “is no [good] software for MAC,” as the newbies who think Mac is an acronym would say. It really keeps a lot of people from buying. And we know why user base is good, I hope.
        But overall, this would take a mammoth effort in so many ways that would make no sense, it would stress software developers and eat up a bunch of federal money to police it, and it would just result in companies shovelling out half-baked Windows ports of Mac software because they have to, and it would discourage more people from developing. So it won’t ever happen.


      And I realize it’s not just Mac/Windows… But that’s all I am familiar with.

  2. marnanel

    Sure– how dare they disenfranchise us Unix users? 🙂

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