Posted On June 6, 2001

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I hate to say it, but I’m thinking about getting one of these.
It would be nice to have it in New York. I’d much rather take a bike, but…
I would take my Pork, but I would be scared it would get jacked.
I would take my Show, but I would be scared it would get jacked, and it would be a little too… I dunno. Just not right for the city.
I would take my cruiser, but it’s on the big side, so it would be a bitch to get on the plane.


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  1. ebound

    1)Wouldn’t you look odd on a scooter? You’re 200 lbs., and out of college.
    2)Why not buy one or more u-locks for your pork? U-locks keep bikes from getting jacked. But, you DO live in florida….those old people are pretty clever…


      I wouldn’t look any more odd on a scooter than I would on a pink bmx bike. And I wish I was 200 lbs!

      • ebound

        But Pork has STYLE. Get a u-lock.

      • FANLESS

        It’s something like $75 to fly a bike somewhere.
        I could almost buy a scooter for that much.
        Plus… It’s a bitch to take my bikes apart.

  2. ebound

    It’s a BMX bike, it’s small. FedEX probably has some huge-ass boxes. You’d only need to remove the wheels, most likely.
    Why New York?


      I have a lot of friends in New York. Friends that I miss if I don’t see them every week.
      New York has a ton of shit to do. Mostly TV/movie related stuff… Like, go on Letterman, or TRL, or whatever. And you can do a lot of shopping. It’s different than anywhere else.
      And there’s buying a frozen lemonade in Central Park. Riding on the subway. Hailing a taxi. Statue of Liberty. Empire State building. Museums and art galleries. Broadway! Harlem. Brooklyn Bridge. The Bronx. Queens. East river. China town. Little Italy. Times Square. Fuck, I can go on and on about why I want to go to New York. But mostly for MacWorld, and to see Chad.

      • kornstaind

        Staten Island
        …they ALWAYS forget about staten island
        lol.. thats okay it sucks.. You’ve never been here before? Oh boy.. you’re gonna have so much fun hehe but Greenich Village… now that’s the place to be..

      • FANLESS

        Re: Staten Island
        I’ve been to New York, but just not in the past couple of months. And yeah… I forgot staten island and soho, which is probably my favorite part.

      • ebound

        Re: Staten Island
        nice nosewear.

      • kornstaind

        Re: Staten Island
        why thank you..


      and… My pork weighs about 40 lbs. It ain’t fun dragging it around.

      • ebound

        Sounds more like a volkswagen than a bmx bike.

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