Me? Vain?

Posted On June 5, 2001

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Well… I guess I’m done. I can’t believe how long such a simple project took. It’s not exactly what I wanted, but I like it. Actually, I never really had a plan for it. I just had like half of an idea of what I wanted.
The Vanilla Ice tickets were like an after-after thought. I just threw them on there for no reason, but I like them. They’re cropped really bad, but that’s all I had. I thought about scanning some other tickets, and recreating the parts that are missing, but I decided not to. It’s good enough, and I’m lazy.
I wanted the text to be the same width as the image, but I felt it was too small of an area. It’s still too small of an area, but it’s actually bigger than I had first planned. I wanted the text to be very understated, but it didn’t really end up that way. If I would have known it was going to end up like that, I would have just used two frames. That reminds me… I need to target the links into a new window. The frame they’re in is way too small to reply or whatever. I wonder how I’m going to do that.


7 Responses to “Me? Vain?”

  1. ibrad

    <base target=”blank”>

    • ibrad

      That is, where you’d normally put a base tag, in the head.

  2. ibrad

    Oh, and by the way, skip the pointless empty file with the javascript reference to livejournal–just put the customview.cgi url in your frames. it has to request from livejournal anyway.

  3. ibrad

    And uh, far be it from me to nitpick, but, isn’t the URL you gave on all of your business cards and stuff? Do you really want people, especially prospective future employers, to be seeing “i’m not an attractive man but your girlfriend still wants me” and all of the other crap in your journal that doesn’t seem very professional/polite/politically correct/mature/etc? Just a thought.

  4. dawnmarie

    I want your job.. I have been watching what you do for a living for a while ever since I hit upon your site om random. you fix up photos and crap and basically sit in front of a computer all day and get paid. I could do that.
    are they hiring? I got references. I wanna work at home though.. is that gonna be a prob? i don’t get naked either.
    dawn marie


      You can’t have my job. I need it.
      And I don’t just get paid… I get paid WELL.
      You missed your chance to work ay Lazerland, plus you’d have to get naked. We’ve actually downsized from 12 people, to 4 in the past 3 years, and I doubt we’ll hire anyone else anytime soon. Maybe in the fall.

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