Posted On June 5, 2001

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Tripod deleted an account I just made. And they deleted the one I made on Friday.
Or maybe they’re just hosed like they were a month or so ago. Anyways… That was the only place I knew of to put 35 MB files for free.
So, no sum 41 videos for now.


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  1. perigune

    No, they did that to me too. I tried to store some files on them and they deleted the account the next day.

  2. deuterium_d3

    hey, my boyfriend says that iDisk on Apple’s website works pretty well; have you tried that? that only stores 20 MB, but I think you can buy more space.

    • ebound

      Re: iDisk
      It’s pretty damn expensive, though. Up to 400 megs total. But it’s also lagalicious for anyone with under a T1 connection.


      Re: iDisk
      Yeah, I actually have several idisks.
      And this video isn’t worth paying to have it on the net.

  3. tats

    they killed 3 of my accounts too…
    something about storing files on their servers….


      Yeah, but the funny thing is that still works, and that’s probably the one that does the most pirating of bandwidth.

      • tats

        ehh….who knows what the hell they’re up too.
        nice movie.

      • FANLESS

        What one?

      • tats


      • FANLESS

        Oh. Thanks. (of course there are several of them from New York, but it doesn’t matter, and I don’t care. I was just makking sure you were talking about one that I actually made, and not some other bullshit I stole.)

      • tats

        manhattan…..nice dissolves…

      • tats

        screw you if you don’t care.
        sheesh. try to give a guy a compliment…..and he throws it in your face….

      • FANLESS

        I meant that I didn’t care specifically which one from New York it was.

      • tats

        that’s not how it came out

      • FANLESS

        yes it is.

      • tats

        not how i perceived it….
        but i guess that’s my problem

      • FANLESS

        yes it is.

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