I stole this from AtAT.

Posted On June 4, 2001

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Alrighty, my class pulled off one of the greatest senior pranks that I have ever heard of (in the nondestructive and still funny category). You can download the stuffed version from http://homepage.mac.com/aaronsteele/ (19.4megs). I thought you all might like to check this out. It’s a video of our class senior prank that a friend and I edited on iMovie 2. Below is a description of sorts; don’t worry it’s all in good taste, and everyone laughed!

Project Legume (as we call it) had been in the works for almost a month. We ordered about 900 cubic feet of packing peanuts for $8.40 per 14 Cubic foot bag. Total cost of the whole prank was $550 because we had to rent a UHAUL to transport some of the bags. We fit 40 in there and the other 20 in random cars.

We met at Alan’s house at about 5:00 in the afternoon. We were expecting to go in around 8:00 PM and start this whole thing and have it over with by 9:30… one unexpected delay, though: board meeting. It didn’t get out until 9:30 and the final memeber didn’t leave the parnking lot ’till 10:10. There were three students in the school watching the last member leave, and once she did they put the call into me to round up the troops who at that point were gathered in the nearby church parking lot.

At 10:15 the convoy arrives. We had to pull into the front of the school and unload all 60 bags and then move the cars to the back of the school all within about 5 minutes because there is a Rent-A-Cop that patrols the front of the school and he makes his rounds about every 15 minutes…

The Principal’s room was locked so we had to get into it from the girls’ bathroom through the ceiling. Once through the ceiling, we unlocked it and began to fill, it was so great!

We filled that room in just over an hour, and didn’t leave the school until 12:15. Her room was filled about 6 feet high with packing peanuts. It was hilarious…

The next morning I woke up at 6:00 to change the front sign (the two frames you see at the beginning are of the sign). As teachers came in, we got their reactions. The last woman that comes in (in the brownish) is our headmaster. Of a school or 550 people, we had about 100 watching this go down that morning.

This is the craziest thing I have ever seen! Check it out!


4 Responses to “I stole this from AtAT.”

  1. tats

    holy fuck that’s funny

  2. ebound

    I have to do that. In three years, everyone will have forgot about it. Wait, no one even knows about it. o.

  3. fastrada

    i came across that the other night. i laughed my ass off!
    certainly far superior to the type of senior prank that’s in vogue around these parts. (car-ful of senior girls drive by school topless.)

  4. raviolios

    oh man that’s tooooo funny! stuff like that makes me almost miss high school!

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