Posted On June 4, 2001

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Wendy gave me a Miami Sol t-shirt today. It’s Orange and Red, which is funny because I noticed yesterday while doing my laundry that it is very easy to tell what dryers I am using because the clothes in them are so colorful. The dryers I was using were filled with Pink, Red, Yellow, Lime Green, bright Blue, and such. The rest of the dryers had much more drab colors in them.
I saw it as a reflection of my immaturity.


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  1. tats

    i see it as a reflection of your individualism and character.


      Do you mean my quest to be noticed, and to have all attention on ME?

      • tats

        yup – that’s the one….

      • FANLESS

        That’s what I thought.
        And I attribute it to immaturity.

      • tats

        there’s a line there. when you cross it, you become immature.
        since i don’t know you, i can’t possibly give any real thought as to how you act and think….
        but i can tell you that you have worth and purpose and i enjoy pseudotalking to you

      • FANLESS

        Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

      • tats

        well since i said “i enjoy”……
        i suppose it depends on if you enjoy it as well…

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