Posted On June 3, 2001

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Sometimes people think less of me for uncontrollable (by me) reasons, and it really annoys me.
For example…
Let’s say you go on a road trip with some friends, and in 2 weeks you hit 20 BMX races, and you do really well in all of them, and your friends are amazed, and their amazement carries on to the next year when you go on another road trip. What sucks is when you don’t do so well in the first couple of races you hit, and your friends are let down, and they treat you differently for the rest of the trip. Even if you gave 100% the entire time, and did your best.
It annoys me that they are let down by the fact that I can’t “be on” 24/7. It annoys me that they would treat me differently because I can’t top myself every single time I do something.
the end.


3 Responses to “”

  1. tats

    do it for you. not for them
    if they don’t stand by you when things aren’t so great – then they aren’t worth the trouble.

  2. acadiabaird

    fuck em………….

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