Posted On June 3, 2001

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Call me old-fashioned, or a grumpy old man, or whatever… But if I had a 13 year old daughter, I don’t think she would have American Beauty or Boys don’t Cry listed as interests, because she wouldn’t have seen them.


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  1. strange

    Hrm… I read a couple of her journals. Wish I was so well-spoken when I was thirteen. I think kids just grow up quicker nowadays and if you keep them sheltered from the world then when they do eventually grow up they’ll be naive and certainly not as streetwise as their peers and this too can lead to trouble.

  2. tats

    Today’s 13 year olds seem to be a lot older…
    When i was 13 – i was very mature for my age, but I still don’t think I would have been interested in the film genre that “American Beauty” and “Boys Don’t Cry” fall into.
    I don’t think American Beauty sends a positive message to young girls.
    Then again, I’ll be damned if you ever catch me telling anyone they can’t see something because I don’t think it’s appropriate. My parents gave me the freedom to experience life in the fullest while I was a child and teenager and I think that is the best thing they could have possibly done for me.
    I plan to do the same with my son. I totally agree that kids need to be exposed to the bad stuff in order to learn how to deal with it in a nonviolent manner.

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