Posted On June 2, 2001

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I feel like I’m missing out on something big…
What the hell is “Welcome to the Dollhouse”?


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  1. acadiabaird

    it’s a great movie, an independant film………………….I’m pretty sure, unless I’m missing out on something too, which I very well may be.

  2. shadowofadoubt

    Short answer: it’s a movie.
    Long answer: I dated a guy in who is in the movie while I was in college. At the time he was a professional lugger (as in the sport) and we broke up because he didn’t seem smart. Now he’s a big movie star – who knew!!

  3. Anonymous

    weiner dog.
    (a neat movie) that gave birth to a (somewhat)cult following of (trendy, emo) kids who (like to act like they) were picked on in their younger days (like the girl in the movie). (hence the list).
    two thumbs up anyway. i laughed, i cried, i . drank a soda. it’s fun.

  4. djcandyflip

    funny ass movie about little 7th graders raping other little 7th graders and running away.. your typical laye 80’s childhood drama. RENT IT!

  5. justamy

    pecker is better. see pecker instead

  6. dixie

    A damn depressing movie.

  7. rosencrantz

    It’s a really funny black comedy revolving around a little nerdy girl. I guess people who identify with her too closely find it depressing, though I thought it was more acidicly witty than sad. I always had this picture in my mind of that little girl growing up to be somebody like the host of the “Weakest Link” show.

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