Posted On June 1, 2001

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The falling rain as I left Lazerland helped me decide where to go… It was a no-brainer, considering Publix/news sport/blockbuster are about 20 blocks out of my way, and Specs is only off by one.
I grabbed a few CDs, (Sum 41, Fenix TX, The Living End, Against All Authority, and MxPx) and the Little Nicky DVD.
I remember when I first heard about Little Nicky, last fall. I remember really wanting to go see it with this girl. She kinda stood me up. I kept waiting to see it, thinking that maybe we could still see it together. Considering the fact that this girl doesn’t seem to want to have anything to do with me now, I’m not going delude myself any longer. So, I watched Little Nicky tonight, and I liked it.
My dsl is being a fuck wit. It seems to lose sync if I hang up my phone.


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