Posted On May 31, 2001

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I was in a pretty good mood, until I realized that the picture that had been kicking my ass all morning… The picture that I could not color correct to save my life, was not even the right picture for the card. Someone scanned the wrong fucking picture, and nobody will own up to it.
Ben was here scanning when I got here this morning, and Raul keeps trying to say he didn’t scan it, and that Ben must have. But it was scanned on Tuesday, and Ben wasn’t even here then.
And another thing that’s annoying me, is the fact that I wasted more than an hour trying to get a file to someone, when they had the file on their hard drive all along! I totally went out of my way to try to help them! First I had to find the cd that it was on, and that was a mission in itself… Then I sent a super huge email twice… I tried to upload it to… out of space… I tried to upload it to tripod… out of space… So I got a new account at tripod, and uploaded it there. And it was on their drive the whole time? Jesus Christ! Try turning your fucking brain on! Isn’t that the first place to look for something?
Whatever. If I were asked to do it again, I know I would. And I wasn’t asked directly, but still…


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