Posted On May 28, 2001

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I swear I would give head to the first person that can get me a crack for the Livin’ Large expansion pack, so that I don’t have to have the cd in the drive.


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  1. ibrad

    Shhh… your friend might hear.

  2. drstein

    Can’t you just make a disk image and mount it on the desktop?
    Oh yeah.. Windows.. sorry 🙂


      No, it’s the expansion pack for my Mac, and I did make a disk image, but it still asks for the cd with the image mounted.

  3. ibrad

    I didn’t know you liked the sims. Do you ever go to ?


      A few months ago, when I first got the Sims, I went to every Sims site I could find to get every add on I could get.
      After a few late late night Sims sessions, I decided to not play it as much, and then I formatted my drive, and I didn’t reinstall it.
      Since I got the expansion pack not long ago, I’ve been wanting to play more.
      To answer your question, I don’t think I have been to It looks like the type of site I need to stay away from. I get annoyed when I can’t have EVERYTHING associated with some things.

      • ibrad

        I don’t understand what you mean by those last two statements… ?

      • FANLESS

        In looking at that site, it looks like there are tons of things to download, and I don’t have the time to do that. It would annoy me to know that there are 6588779782398 more walls or skins or whatever that COULD have, but don’t. I get a bit obsessive about some things, and The Sims is one of those things.
        Back in the day, it was the same way with baseball cards. I HAD to have every single one, or I wasn’t satisfied. It eventually became exhausting, and quite expensive, so I gave it up.

  4. chelle

    I have one but it’s only for windows

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