Posted On May 28, 2001

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Today is the last day of Urban Fashion Week.
Great! Now maybe all of fricken New York/New Jersey will go home?
Everywhere I went this weekend, people were like “Is there a rap conference in town this weekend?”
Ocean Drive looked like the set for a new Ruff Ryders video, or something. 876785768564586487 black dudes on motorcycles.
Some guys had really really cool bikes, and others were trying to be cool on rented scooters.
And I’m not gonna mention all of the booty shaker girls.


8 Responses to “”

  1. oncee

    Dude, that a great looking web site.

  2. projectjason

    dude last night at the beach…………………………………………… comment

  3. tats

    that is a lot of fuckin’ black dudes…


      Yeah, 876785768564586487 of them. It was cool! They had to shut down something like 10 blocks worth of streets, plus the Causeway into Miami Beach.

      • tats

        wow…i have no idea where that is!

      • FANLESS

        Well, you head to Ritzville, and then you take a left at Zips…

      • FANLESS

        Actually, I take that back… You turn left at that resturant near Sprague that has the big letters on the roof that say “RESTURANT”. If you see the exit for the Tokyo weigh station, you’ve gone too far.

      • tats

        oh! ok. i know now.

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