Posted On May 27, 2001

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What the fuck is wrong with people?
Why is this monitor going for $560?
All I want is a Blueberry Apple LCD Studio Display for $500 or less.
If I could find this monitor, I don’t think I would get a new Mac until next year. I might even be able to wait for a G5. (assuming a “G5” ever comes out, and it is called a “G5”. My point is that I might be able to wait for the next generation Macs.)
Of course, this statement is void if Apple drops a bomb Mac that I just HAVE to have.


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  1. live_and_learn

    sometimes people just have to have things.. at whatever cost..
    on ebay especially.. some people overbid just to “win”..

  2. bakatenshi

    mmmm…. studio display.. *homer simpson noises*


      I already have one, but I want two. My 2nd Graphics card is just sitting there, not being used.

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