I’m not pro.

Posted On May 26, 2001

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About an hour ago I went for a quick ride. There is this sidewalk that has a root growing under it, so the cement is broken, and it makes a jump of sorts. Along the sidewalk is a ledge that is maybe 4 feet high.
Anyway, I went to launch from the cement jump onto the ledge, and I was going to grind on it. My front peg got caught on something, and it sent me over the bars. I cracked my head open on the ledge, and it was bleeding crazy hard. It was weird! The blood was flowing like water, and it didn’t even hurt.
I rode home, which was only about 2 blocks, and held a wad of paper towels to my little wound. I was laying on my couch, watching tv, and all of a sudden I got hella tired. I fell asleep, and maybe 40 minutes later I woke up.
Now I have a KILLER headache, and I am typing this.
The end.


4 Responses to “I’m not pro.”

  1. carrieann

    sounds like a minor concussion to me.
    i had something like that happen. well, not exactly. a bar stool [not to be confused with those found in a bar, which i was not] met with my forehead and burst a spot above my right eye open [i have a scar through my eyebrow ala. luke perry now]. it didn’t hurt at all but when i put my hand up to my forehead, blood was pouring through it. was sort of surreal. then i started feeling really groggy and wanted to lay down.
    went to the e.r. instead. ended up having a minor concussion and needed 11 stitches. good times.
    my advice : take some pain reliever [not ibuprofen. that’s a blood thinner. bad when you’ve got a gaping head wound] and head to the e.r.

    • ibrad

      tsk tsk.
      Barfights? AGAIN?

      • carrieann

        Re: tsk tsk.
        yeah, well… what can i say? i’m a creature of habit.
        silly monkey.

  2. ebound

    ::quoting simpsons:: Maybe this is one of the things you should go to the hospital for.

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