knee-greet-oh beach

Posted On May 25, 2001

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As I was leaving Lazerland yesterday, I happened upon Adam walking down Washington in the opposite way. I turned around and went with him. We stopped at Lazerland, and talked for a bit. Then he was trying to get into Lazerland, and I told him that nobody was in there. He asked about Andrejko, and said that they were supposed to go play volleyball on the beach, and Andrejko was the only one with a ball. I told him that Andrejko left at 3, and never said anything about going to the beach.
So Adam and I went over to Ocean Drive to meet Felix and one of his friends. We hung out there for a while, just watching all of the New Yorkers/kneegrows take over Miami Beach for the weekend. And the scary part was that it was only Thursday!


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