Posted On May 25, 2001

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In my opinion, this person has shit for brains.


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  1. ebound

    I whole-heartedly agree.

  2. sandelina

    i read posts like this..and all i can think is bla bla bla…

    • Anonymous

      Re: i read posts like this..and all i can think is bla bla bla…
      Good Lord! O.<

  3. ibrad

    Is that your friend “project jason”‘s girl or something?


      I have no idea who that person is. I just read what they typed, and drew a conclusion from that.


      I have no idea who that person is.

      • sandelina

        you are right.
        you dont.
        so you have no right.

      • FANLESS

        Why would you even care what I think?

    • projectjason

      yo that not “my girl” and i could really care less about the shit talking , but when other people get involved, and start involving me in it, i take it personally. i have one thing to say to you. get a life.

      • ibrad

        First of all, I believe you mean “I couldn’t care less,” unless you really could care less (which would mean that you do care to an extent).
        Secondly, I want to know just what in the hell you’re talking about–or else why you’re talking about it to me. I see no shit-talking, no “involvedness,” with you or otherwise, and nothing at all personal.
        Furthermore, I think you need to realize who is saying what, as I have said nothing derogatory. I was just asking for clarification, because I think what Christian said was (typically) rude, it was unfounded, and not even very funny. If it is your girl, she seems like a very nice person, she doesn’t seem dumb or anything that I could guess having “shit for brains” could mean, and she does wonderful photography (I wish I were that good).
        So anyway, I think I understand what you mean now–all of a sudden someone is talking about your girl and then they are talking about you, but you shouldn’t jump to conclusions so easily, and if you have something to say to someone else who is the one “shit-talking,” why say it to me?

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