Posted On May 25, 2001

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I was just laying on my couch, watching tv when I noticed there really wasn’t anything good on. A Heather Graham flick is on Showtime, but it’s not that good so far.
I was thinking about how great it would feel to go to bed now. After all, I am quite tired. Almost to the point of craving sleep. I was thinking, there isn’t anything keeping me from going to bed.
Then I got a great idea for a design. I’m going to work on it now.
I’m gonna get up, walk over to my Mac, put my Marcy Playground CD in, and h4X0r all night long.
Non-stop Marcy Playground, here I come!


3 Responses to “”

  1. encomia

    marcy playground.
    hey FANLESS. i’ve been bugged to ask you if you’ve ever listened to Neutral Milk Hotel.. have you?


      Re: marcy playground.
      Nope. I don’t even know what that is.

      • encomia

        Re: marcy playground.
        shit, sorry. (it’s a band.) they kinda Sorta remind me of marcy playground (but more matured).

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