Posted On May 24, 2001

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I am going to put my ThinkPad down, walk over to my Mac and do some things. Then I’m gonna boot into 9.1 and burn a CD.
Then I’m gonna brush my tooth, and go to bed.
the end.


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  1. kneb

    How many, and what kind of Macs do you have?

      • kneb

        I hope you don’t mind me asking…
        What about at Lazerland?

      • FANLESS

        1 400 Mhz Blue and White PowerMac G3 (mine)
        1 400 Mhz PowerMac G4 (boss)
        1 250 Mhz PowerMac 8600 (scanning computer)
        1 Dual 700 Mhz P3 (Fiery) &#60—$50,000 computer, or so the techs say
        1 200 Mhz Pentium (cash register)
        We’re getting an iMac sometime soon to be a rental comp in the front part.
        Wanna know what printers and scanners we have too?

      • kneb

        Yeah, I’d love to know what else you got. Lazerland sounds like somewhere I’d like to work. Either work, or be your groupie so I could hang there all day and play with the Macs. Haha.

      • FANLESS

        1 Xerox 2045 (mine)
        1 Canon CLC-900 (mine)
        2 Canon CLC-700
        1 Canon CLC-500
        1 canon Filmscanner III
        1 Nikon LS-2000 Filmscanner
        1 Linocolor Opal Ultra Flatbed scanner

      • ebound

        Someone’s got a tech fetish. You can probably hear him whackin off to your comments.
        (below is non-perverted version of comment)
        Someone’s got a tech fetish.

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