Posted On May 23, 2001

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“Luckly I bought an extended waranty plan at Comp USA (My mom didn’t raise any fools!) so I’m okay.”
Um… Maybe I’m wrong, but I always tought that extended waranties were a waste of money, and only fools bought them…?


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  1. ibrad

    Yup. I think at one beginning or another everybody gets suckered into something like that, unless you’re with someone in the know.

  2. rosencrantz

    Actually …
    I bought my PS2 from Comp USA and got an extended warrenty for it. Then it turned out I had to return the thing because it wasn’t working correctly (hmm, actually, because I screwed it up, ‘oops’ XD ) and the customer service desk wouldn’t give me the time of day until they heard the magic words “But I bought the warrenty.” Of course that’s probably bad customer service on their part, but $20 was worth saving myself a headache I think.
    You really do get suckered if you buy a warrenty from Best Buy though. They’re notorious for being assholes about returning or fixing things whether you got the warrenty or not.

  3. dethbunny

    My dad always said somethign to the effect of “They’re selling those for a reason, and you can bet it’s not to lose money.”
    But any way you are gambling. If you buy the warranty, you’re basically saying “I bet this (insert product here) is crappy and will break on me, so I’m getting insurance.” But if you think it’s gonna suck, why get the warranty?

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