Posted On May 23, 2001

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I am not going to buy an Audi TT Roadster.
I can’t put a roof rack on it. And it kinda looks too girly.
I might still get an Audi TT. I saw a dope dark gray/graphite/charcoal one last week. It gave me wood.
However, I just might hold out for the VW Microbus!
Do you know how many bikes I could put on the top of that thing? Or inside it even?
Sea Kayak? No problem!
Snowboards? you bet!
I am all about the Microbus!!


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  1. yourdannybear

    I am all about audi,bmw, and vw’s…..totally hold out for the microbus, you wont regret it!

  2. ibrad

    Who cares about kayaks, look how COOL the microbus looks!!!


      I care about kayaks. It’s not that easy to transport a 16.5 foot long kayak with a convertible. And yeah… It looks pretty cool too.

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