Posted On May 23, 2001

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These are some pretty shitty pics because I didn’t want to go outside, and I took them through a window with raindrops on it, and a screen.
But… They show how flooded 9th St. is. When cars try to drive down the street, the wake they make causes the water to overflow into the basement of the hostel.
The street wasn’t flooded when I rode down it 2 hours ago. It keeps getting deeper and deeper.
flooded street flooded street


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  1. acadiabaird

    Hey, you’d think you were in Oregon and I was in Florida!
    It was officially 98 here yesterday and blazin’!

  2. projectjason

    damn bro thats the pizza palce in the second pic?
    i didnt know you got it that bad over there!
    sux for you…..


      Yeah, that’s Pizza Rustica on 9th and Washington.

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